Rum Ramsey

Today got dark 'n' stormy at work and then it cleared up and the sun came out.

I went home.

It was a fairly long day so why not try a new drink. I got out my 1946 copy of Trader Vic's Book of Food & Drink to look for new adventure.

I picked the Rum Ramsey.


I had everything... and it used some Peychaud's bitters so why not?

Not bad. I really like the touch of bourbon and the spice from the bitters. It has just enough sweetness to round it out without being "sweet." I think mine had just a bit too much lime. I guess "juice of 1/4 lime" can vary a bit depending on the lime (not the best way to measure I guess). I found this version that calls for 1/4 ounce of lime juice. Maybe I'll try that next time.

Evidently the drink was made by Albert Martin at the Bon Ton bar in New Orleans. It still exists today and they tout the drink as a family secret but don't mention Albert. What a shame. :( (See comment below.)


christine said...

I've determined we've all been drinking at the wrong home establishment. He has everything for a bar, now if only he'd invite us over...

grantbob said...

everything for a bar... but the bar.

Louis Martin said...

Actually Wayne Pierce owner of the Bon Ton Cafe prominently displays on his menu an attribute to mixologist Albert Martin as originator of the prize winning Rum Ramsey. I am his grandson and I ate there last night.--Louis Martin