Weekend Tiki Finds

After fighting with my air conditioner for the better part of Saturday morning I eventually made it out of the house. I was hoping to hit some garage sales early but it was already a bit after noon so I figured I was best off hitting the local Goodwill stores and the "antique" stores that surround them.

I found this nice ceramic Ku salt & pepper set at the Flea-Antique Market next to my local Goodwill:

I haven't figured out who made them yet. They're from Japan so it's definitely not some recent casting.

Then within a few feet I found this hand-carved tiki napkin holder. This will hold my bar napkins quite nicely some day. It was really dirty but cleaned up well looks good with a nice coat of Formby's Almond Lustre.

Other than that I didn't find much. The Larryville Goodwill had 4 plastic tiki cups that I passed on (I already have a few of them and they were not a nice as a different model that Bear found me some more of last weekend.) The same store also had a coconut monkey. It wasn't in great shape but even if it was I would have passed. I already have a coconut monkey. While no collection of tiki junk should be considered complete without one, I believe one coconut monkey is enough for anyone.

As long as the camera was out I figured I'd grab a few shots of a toothpick holder I found at Walgreens a few weeks ago. I think I paid 67 cents or something for it... with toothpicks even.

I have him tucked in the kitchen cabinet next to some of the standard bar tender's guides. Next time I need to put a cherry in a Manhattan I'm ready.

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Kim said...

One day when you're bored, you should line up all the tiki stuff you own and take a picture.