AC Fun

Every few years my condensation drain line gets clogged up with algae and other junk. I've tried to pour a little bleach in it every now and then to keep it happy but every once in a while it gets its way, plugs up, and gallons of water start covering our basement floor. The way it drains is annoyingly stupid but I won't go in to that.

This time I just hacked the drain line and have it dripping into a funnel, through a tube into a 6 gallon carboy. I can get 4-5 gallons or so of condensate in about half a day. Makes me wish I had some plants worth watering outside. They sure are heavy though.


Rich said...

WOW!!! can I have some of that moonshine when you are done?

Hans said...

Your condensate pump may have some little tablets you can insert to keep the lines fairly flushed out. Check online.

grantbob said...

Yeah. We put some tablets in yesterday. You can also get a solution in a bottle at Home Depot... or just use some bleach. I usually add a few ounces of bleach a few times during the season to keep the algae down. This time I think it was some junk that got by the filter that caused the mayhem

There's no pump though. It's gravity that drains it.

It's set up now so I can blow out the system with a garden hose... which I will do toward the end of the summer.