This Week in Tikiland

Today I didn't go out looking for tiki mugs, I let them come to me. Here's the latest batch from TikiFarm:

On the left is Tangata. One the right is Hano'aki. Both are designed by Marcus Pizzuti and have really cool multi-color glazes. In the center is the Oceanic Arts 50th Anniversary Mug. It's big, green, and really pretty. Oceanic Arts is the place that brought us all the tiki decor for tiki bars, hotels etc. during the heyday of tikidom. They even did a lot of the tiki stuff in most of Disney's Adventurelands. (Here are a few pics of Oceanic Arts from SpageAgeCity.com.)

Speaking of Disney...

Here's my first Disney pin. I got him off eBay last weekend for $0.99 + some shipping. Margo (not her real name) will be pleased.

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Bear said...

Did you say EBay??