Tiki Count

Scrappy has been wondering how many tiki mugs and stuff I have now. I did a really quick count this afternoon. It's a bit low as there is stuff stashed in drawers here and there and there is also some junk at work. Here are the approximate results:

  • Drinking Vessels (mugs, cups, shots, bowls): 125
  • Salt & Pepper Sets: 5
  • Misc. (statues, plates, picture frames, giant wooden spoons etc.): 62
  • Books, Magazines & Publications: 40+

I've also got a couple of new ones from Tiki Farm on the way. Maybe I have a problem.

I've been planning on making an online catalog at some point. I'll be taking a picture of each item and recording as much as I can remember about it before I forget where/how I got it. After this quick count, the thought of such a process scares me.

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Kim said...

Wow! Your wife really loves you.