When it rains...

I go tiki hunting.

I started off this morning and hit the rainy roads of over to Larryville.

This one was waiting for me at Goodwill:

It's a Treasure Craft mug from Hawaii. I couldn't find out too much about it but was able to find more on Treasure Craft here: My Antique Mall . One of the antique & flea's next door had an extremely overpriced no-name mug and statue but I didn't bite on those.

Next I found an Orchids of Hawaii Leilani mug in Snellville (where everybody is somebody):

Evidently these are very common but it's my first. You could send off a few bucks to the Leilani Rum folks and get a nice box of four. I think they went out of business before I reached drinking age so I'll just have to find some more to make my own set.

There are many version of this one: Some are stamped R-91, some have only one face (this one has the bace on front and back), some say Tiki Leilani on the base, some say nothing on the base etc...

If anyone comes across a Leilani display like this one please let me know.

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