Tucson Sun Gods

Somehow these two guys escaped a previous post. I caught them while I was rustling stuff up for today's earlier posts.

They were rescued by Scott & Family from The Kon Tiki in Tucson, AZ late last year and delivered shortly after the birthday extravaganza.

The one on the right is a limited run of that color (It's really more of a green than a blue... it's crummy out today so I'm having to make my own lighting which is throwing things off.) The one on the left is the standard one you can get at the restaurant.

I really like this design. It has a "squarishness" similar to the Sam's Seafood Marquesan. I'm not really sure why I like these square designs as they'd be impractical to drink out of without a straw... maybe that's why I like them.

They were accompanied by a scorpion bowl but it sadly didn't survive the return trip to Atlanta.

From the report I got from Scott it sounded like Kon Tiki was a pretty hip place for drinks in Tucson.

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