Tiki B-Day

It all started out way back in January where the best people ever threw me a:

(one too many la's but the point is well understood by anyone on my IM list)

It was complete with a:

The drink of the evening was the Dark And Stormy. My version... with Reed's Extra Ginger Brew and Meyer's Dark. :)

Many tikis were present (or were presents) such as the fabulous love tiki:

A nifty bamboo tiki that can be lit from the inside:

A really crazy tiki-card that plays jungle beats when you open it:

(we'll hear more fromt his later I hope)

Tiki Farm's Hot Head Tiki by Joe Vitale:

and Shag's Tiki Drink Deck:

It was a lot of fun with lots of friends and family present. Everyone was completely tiki'd out with tiki wristbands, tiki drinks and even original tiki art. Oddly (or luckily) no one took photos. ;)

Thanks again to everyone!

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Kim said...

Yeah. . right after I ordered the banner, Hans promptly informed me that I had too many la's. Ooops.