Dad's Tiki

A while back my dad started doing pottery again. Last year I requested a tiki of some sort for my birthday present. After a lot of work and a couple of firings the finished product was unveiled this week.

This is the best tiki ever.

He has an open bottom and a small hole on the top offering lots of lamp possibilities.

I like the thick ears... he'll need those in the living room.

I did a test lighting the inside with a color-changing LED nightlight I picked up at Costco a few years ago. I'll be working on something more permanent but this gives you an idea of how it will look:

(sound provided by birthday card from Bear & Family)

Thanks Dad!


Jeff said...

That's a cool Tiki. The drums were a nice addition to the video.

Unknown said...

Wow! I am impressed by your Dad's ceramics skills. A man of many talents. He better be careful or he'll be getting requests all the time...

Kim said...

That's AWESOME!!