Mytrle Tiki

I picked up this one on my trip to Myrtle Beach on the Grand Strand this week:

He's got two faces stacked like a totem. I like that.

It's even stamped on the side so I don't have to remember where it came from. If you want to be more specific it came form the convenience store in the huge Sand Dunes resort a few resorts down from where we stayed at Jade Tree Cove. Also note that there's a cool waterfall with tikis in front of it across from the California Pizza in Sand Dunes. I tried to take a picture but I only had my crappy Sidekick camera on me and it was too dark to make anything out.

My other tiki find was a shirt from Tiki Jim's. I was there about two years ago and they didn't have any "Tiki Jim's" shirts with tikis on them. Someone woke up and now they have three or four tiki designs. Hooray!

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