Great British Tikis!

Dave and Danielle made a great find at a garage sale this weekend. Their amazing bargaining powers netted me a pair of tiki mugs from The Patio at the Sheraton Skyline near Heathrow.

The mugs are stamped "DAGA (c) HAWAII" on the bottom. I believe it's a Stephen Crane Associates design originally for the Kon Tiki at the Sheraton in Hawaii. Similar mugs were made by Daga Restaurant Ware Limited for other Sheraton locations that had Kon Tiki restaurants in them. I found a reference to a Kon Tiki at the Skyline Sheraton in an article from Nude Magazine. I guess eventually this turned in to "The Patio" and then perhaps maybe the "The Patio Caribe" which I can find more recent references to. However now it looks like the last of it may be just be part of the "Sky Garden and Pool Area" and all of the "tiki stuff" is gone. My best guess is that these might be from the 80's as I'm not really sure when the name changed. The crazing of the glaze on the mugs seems to indicate they have a few years on them. I'll update this post if I ever figure out any more details.

Thanks Dave and Danielle!

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Unknown said...

Hey! Dig your Tikis Grant!! Pretty cool!