The Power of Two

Today was brought to you by the number two (Note that it's June 2nd too.)

This week I had a cheeseburger for lunch at Cheeseburger In Paradise. It sucked. So today I had my 2nd cheesebuger of the week at Ted's Montana Grill. I had the Vermejo burger and it was awesome. This should satisfy my "good burger" craving for at least a couple of months.

After lunch we went by Trader Joe's where among other things I picked up some Charles Shaw 2005 Shiraz. It's surprisingly drinkable for two bucks (OK... $2.50.) Sure, there are better, but I've paid more for worse. I'd probably even buy it again. Then to top it off the cashiers found two of the Tiki Bags that now seem to be harder to find in the stores.

Today's mail produced a blue bubble-wrap envelope from Robert Drasnin. Inside the envelope was a brand new CD release of Drasnin's called Voodoo II (to follow up his 1959 exotica recording of Voodoo.) Back in January I got an email from the Tiki Events Mailing List announcing that Drasnin was going to record a new album this February in Los Angles but was funding the recording out of his own pocket. For a modest up-front contribution you could help him fund the recording and get an autographed copy of the CD when it came out. Well it's here now and will be getting a lot of grantbob airtime soon.

You too can get Voodoo II at Amazon and probably somewhere else. The official Robert Drasnin website appears to be broken. Maybe it will be back some day. Until then there's a decent little bio from the first Voodoo re-release on CD from Dionysus here: Bio

Thank you Two.

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You're two much. ;)