Yard Sale Adventures #001

We got out for some good quality yard sale adventures this morning. Yeah we ended up with more junk we don't need to add to all the existing junk we don't need. But at least it's new junk with new amusement value and cost us less than $10 total. Oh yeah... there's one tiki... that I really really did need.

In the first frame we find:
  • a picture of a cat that sort of looks like Ginger as a kitten
  • an Eric Carle book called Draw Me A Star
  • a picture of a goat with watermelons and a chicken
  • The Hardy Boys #36, The Secret of Pirates' Hill
Dave and Danielle get first shot at the Hardy Boys book. Otherwise I'll add it to my small collection of them. Perhaps I will finally get to read the ones I never had as a kid.

I eventually found A TIKI and some some other mugs:

I really just wanted the tiki but I got a "package deal" so they all came home. I have someone in mind for the aces mug. If she doesn't want it I might keep it around for a little while. The bird/parrot is more of a vase. I have wooden parrot and some brightly colored tikis that it will fit in well with. Front and center, the star of our show, is an Orchids of Hawaii R-3 mug.

He's in great shape. Both emerald green eyes are intact and there aren't any noticeable chips. He had some green gunk on his nose (candle wax maybe?) but that came off easily with a toothbrush and some soapy water. There are a few brown spots on the bottom of his lip but it looks more like the brown glaze used at the top and bottom so I'll just consider that some sort of tiki birthmark.

I have some other "peanut style" tiki mugs but this is my first Orchids of Hawaii one. I really like the eyes.. very cool indeed.

It's definitely been a good week for tiki stuff. :)

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Aleph Null said...

That parrot vase is pretty cool. Maybe put some coco puffs in it. (ok, it's not a toucan...)