Subs in Atlanta

This is where to get a sub in North Atlanta. Baldinos.


Giant Jersey Subs. Just outside I-285 in Doraville.

It's kind of out of place in it's current setting but it seems to do just fine.

Get whatever sub you want. Then... two words: PEPPERONI ROLL.
(I think there's one in Marietta too, but I've never been there. Let me know if you know if you've been there.)


Kim said...

Apparently so . . . 80 Powers Ferry Rd., Harry's Crossing
Marietta, GA 30067. I'll need to check it out on the way home someday. --Kim

Unknown said...

I'm sitting in the one in Marietta right now. I'll let you know how the veggie stir fry works out.

Unknown said...

It was very good. In particular I liked the bread.