iPhone iNsantity

I took this picture out Maxwell's window on the way home yesterday. It was about 4:00PM and there were people camped out in front of the AT&T trailer in Dunwoody. All waiting until 6:00PM for Apple to unleash the iPhone.

Meanwhile my officemate was making his way to a different line over in Marietta. I think he had to wait until about6:45 to get his new lifeline. He is now the coolest person I know. Period.


laura said...

i agree. if i hadn't spent all that money on israel, i might be cool too. i'm hoping the market opens up to other providers come january. then i'm all over it. in the meantime, i'll let the "cool" people beta test it for me.

grantbob said...

No doubt it will be cool. IMHO, Apple does things right (for the most part.) My Newton Message Pad 100 is 20X cooler than my Palm IIIc (thanks WSB) but the NMP 100 ate 4 AAA batteries like there was no tomorrow and it's life on rechargeables just didn't cut it. I used the Newton for a a couple of years and then used the Palm for about 3-4 times as long. The NMP is still better :)

They did a good job on the iPod right from the beginning. I suspect they'll do even better with the iPhone.

I'll be afraid to get my Sidekick 3 out around the iPhone.